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Changing Things
Sometimes I wonder about the sanity of humanity
We go about our lives doing the same things everyday and never looking around for the new, the unfamiliar experience. We get so set in our routines that we refuse to see anything differently and maybe discover some new, and wonderful thing.
By dooming ourselves to this constant, we lose so much.
We fail to see the wonders of the world. The beauty in every day. The fact that we are allowed, yes allowed, to rise each day and live another 24 hours. That is such a precious gift that we take for granted.
Why not make the best of it. Go out and do something with your life.
And I'm no just talking about getting a great job "helping people."
What I mean by this, is doing something to really help the world. Make a difference. Change everything!
No, I'm no crazy. I know that it is hard for one person to change the world, to really make a difference in the way that things are. But by one little person stepping up the plate and saying "Thing need to
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God's Pathway
Life is a pathway, a journey that only God knows the answers to. Only He may know what lies around every twist or turn. And only by trusting in Him will you be led down the right pathway. Only then may you reach your full potential.
When you have put your full trust into God, He can lead you on a beautiful journey that will inspire you to do the great things He created you for. Each of us has a purpose in life, no matter how small it may seem to us; He made us and that alone makes us special.
He has given us the most amazing gift, His love. He loves us no matter what we do. Even if we tread away from the path that He has set for us; when we realize our wrongs, He will welcome us back with open arms, if only we ask His forgiveness.  He loves each one of us, no matter how we scorn him or dirty His name, he loves us; for our faults and imperfections. If He was not to love us, He would not have taken the time to care for us or watch over us.
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Life Death
That ever confusing maze that is impossible to understand or escape until it's already over. You go about it, thinking you have it all figured out until another curveball is thrown. The rules change. You lose your bearings and go down hundreds of dead-ends before finding that one never-ending winding path. Many people stand between you and the end. Some will lead you down the right path and others will coax you down evil, dark paths that you won't recognize as wrong until you've reached the end. And then you must find your way, lost and dazed. It's a nasty event to get all the way through. By the time you truly discover life's meaning, its purpose; it's too late. You've reached the end of the path and its time for the next great adventure.
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Till Darkness Due Us Part
Lost in thought, wandering off. Wondering what the future will be like. Will it be pretty?
All pink and fluffy. Filled with sparkles and rainbows. All perfect. Will the darkness lurk just around the corner? Fingertips stretching but never quite reaching the gates of paradise. But what of utopia? Does it truly exist? Or is it just a figment of our imagination?
An idea to appease the mind, make it think we could one day achieve this wonderland.
But here, the darkness does not linger just beyond its reach, out of sight and out of mind. Here, it infiltrates our souls. Poisons our bodies and thoughts. Turns us against each other. And when there is no one left to surround us, it self-mutilates. Pits mind and body against one another.
For that is the nature of darkness, pure destruction.
So what does your future hold? Promises of paradise? How empty and cold. Time to face reality of the war for our souls. The darkness is coming. And it will stop at nothing to get you. It will eat at you until
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